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It all started with only one person

In 1976, Gurnam Bajwa began his career in window cleaning. His brother-in-law offered him a job and he took it, happy for the opportunity. Gurnam grew to have an appreciation for the art of window cleaning and to enjoy his interactions with customers. His enjoyment of the job grew in tandem with the advancement of his skills. Twenty-four years later, the happy, determined and friendly Gurnam had learned all he could; so, he launched his own business.

Gurnam loves his business but one day he'll hand over the reins to son, Amar, who currently works for his Dad. The window washing desire is clearly genetically coded into the Bajwa family. They just love it.


“As people are getting busy in their work life, it is so difficult for them to manage time for cleaning their spaces by own. So here we understand people’s problems and help them with cleanings.”

Gurnam Bajwa
Founder, Doug's Window Washing
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Our Aim

Whether home or office, Doug’s Window Cleaning aims to bring you the highest level of comfort and safety and extend the window’s life by deep cleaning. We remove dust which can create health hazards and enhance the appearance of your home.

Company Vision

We aim to promote healthy and environment-friendly spaces by giving you the best cleaning service. Our deep-cleaning services have allowed us to put precious smiles on thousands of faces!

The Procedure

Our procedure includes utilizing the latest technology tools and equipment for the cleaning process. We use the most eco-friendly cleaning sprays and apply them to all the windows and glasses. The same is followed by in-depth squeegeeing of all the glasses.


Discover Our Members

We're dependable and a team of hard-working people. We have a qualified, professional and polite staff who are extremely motivated individuals. The level of experience varies among them, from three to twenty-five years.

Gurnam Bajwa


Amar Bajwa


Joining Soon

Expert Team

Our team has over 40 years of experience in window cleaning.

100% Satisfaction

Our results and customer testimonials tell you our success story.


Going green is our motto, and we only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are incredibly competitive, and our services are incredibly satisfying.


What Does a Happy Client Say?

Doug's Window Washing is willing to travel twenty-five to thirty miles outside the city of Victoria, BC but we do the majority of our work in the city. However, arrangements can be made. Call us; we might be able to help.

The window cleaners are easy to deal with and are knowledgable and friendly.

Marc Wright

Doug's Window Washing did the gutter and window cleaning of my house. As window cleaners they really satisfied me with their work.

Ryan Marsh

Doug's Window Washing were very fine window cleaners very professional in all their work.

Maddy Samson

Fantastic job. My windows look awesome.They were extremely personable, very professional, helpful and friendly.Thank you Doug's Window Washing.

Nataili Gomes