Doug's Window Washing-Victoria
Doug's Window Washing-Victoria
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Victoria, BC. Tel: 250-656-8907 Fax.: 250-590-9061
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Victoria Window Cleaners - About Image In 1976, Gurnam Bajwa began his career in window cleaning. His brother-in-law offered him a job and he took it, happy for the opportunity. Gurnam grew to have an appreciation for the art of window cleaning and to enjoy his interactions with customers. His enjoyment of the job grew in tandem with the advancement of his skills. Twenty-four years later, the happy, determined and friendly Gurnam had learned all he could; so, he launched his own business.

He bought out another business and has enjoyed success ever since. Doug's Window Washing, a Victoria, BC service has continued to expand annually since it's opening in 2000. Customers have learned to rely on his services.

Gurnam loves his business but one day he'll hand over the reins to son, Amar, who currently works for his Dad. The window washing desire is clearly genetically coded into the Bajwa family. They just love it.

Doug's Window Washing-Victoria  Doug's Window Washing-Victoria

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